Production Plants

We have gained significant experience in the production of materials for water-, sound- and heat insulation, and today offer the newest materials and technologies that combine global expertise and developing of its own research centers. We also accept and maintain the tradition of the plants that become part of our company. TECHNONICOL company was founded in 1992, but we have a membership plants with more than 100 years of history and experience at the production of roofing materials.

The plant "Dehtochema", producer of bitumen waterproofing materials, became the part of our company in 2008. It was founded in 1868 in Běla pod Bezdězem (the Czech Republic). Over the years, the plant was modernized several times: new production lines have appeared and the latest technologies were mastered. An advantageous geographical location makes it possible to provide roofing and waterproofing materials to all regions of the Czech Republic and Europe.

The plant "TECHNONICOL - Vyborg" is our first ever plant, which started the production of company’s materials back in 1994. However, the history of Vyborg plant manufacturing roofing and waterproofing materials begins in 1918. At that time, the JSC "Tienhaara carton and roofing plant" was founded on the former territory of Finland. Its’ convenient location on the northwest Russia close to the port on the Baltic sea makes it possible to supply products all over the world. The high quality of the production, which is proved by numerous international certificates, makes the plant an essential part of the Corporation.

The plant "MIDA LT" became the part of TECHNONICOL Corporation in 2001. The plant was founded in 1960 in Gargždai (Lithuania). It is the only factory in the Baltic States producing polymer-bitumen roofing products: roofing shingles of different colours, modifications, thickness and geometric shapes, as well as membrane roofing for flat roofs. Every year investing into modernization and extension of production facilities, implementing cutting-edge technologies and improving reliable roofing systems the plant has made a good name and has a good reason to be proud of being capable to satisfy the demands of different construction organizations.

Ryazan production cluster is probably the heart of TECHNONICOL Corporation. 8 modern plants of the company are located here producing different types of products: bitumen membranes, multilayer and single layer roofing shingles, PVC membranes, polyurethane foam, stone wool, XPS and PIR. Most of our R&D resources are also concentrated in Ryazan to ensure the maximum synergy. Our partners can get the best knowledge and skills of materials application on a base of several training centers.

During the history, all TECHNONICOL plants were upgraded many times to meet modern trends on the construction market. More than a century of experience of materials production and a commitment to innovations allow us to move forward and achieve success!